Arthroscopic Debridement

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Arthroscopic Debridement

  • Arthroscopic debridement:

    Arthroscopic lavage involves introduction of saline solution into the knee joint under camera guidance and removal of fluid, with the intent of extracting any excess fluids and loose bodies that may be in the knee joint.

    Debridement, in comparison, may include, in addition-  trimming of meniscus edges, removal of loose and frayed cartilage tissue, smoothening bony spurs.

    In osteoarthritis there are multiple damaged tissues and toxic products lying in the knee joint due to the disease process. They are one of the major cause of pain in these patients.
    Through arthroscopy, we remove/ shave all the dead damaged toxic products inside your knee joint. This stops further damage to the joint and also provides healthy environment for good tissues to regenerate.

    Many times there is a large area of cartilage defect in otherwise good healthy joint. So we do Chondroplasty, Mosaicoplasty, Microfracture technique etc. to let new cartilage regenerate.