MCL/LCL Reconstruction

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MCL/LCL Reconstruction

  • What is MCL & LCL?

    The MCL is the ligament located on the inside of your knee joint. It connects your thighbone (femur) and shinbone (tibia).

    The LCL is the ligament located on the outside of your knee linking the thighbone and calf bone (fibula).

  • What are MCL/LCL sprains and tears? How are they treated?

    MCL/LCL sprains most commonly refer to low grade tears of either your MCL or LCL, which will most likely heal with non-operative care with knee brace/supports.

    High grade sprains or complete tears may cause your knee to become loose either on the inside or outside. These will most likely require surgical repair.

    Attention also needs to be given to the fact that many of these MCL/LCL tears are commonly seen along with ACL/PCL tears (Multi-ligament injuries). It requires proper planning to surgically tackle these complex injuries. At times, your doctor may recommend for staged procedures, i.e. doing a certain part of surgery now and certain part at a later date.

    • Acute injuries of MCL/LCL may be repaired (sutured) primarily.
    • Chronic (old) injuries of these ligaments usually require reconstruction of a new ligament, similar to ACL/PCL tear.
    MCL Tear
    Different MCL Reconstruction techniques
    LCL Tear
    LCL Reconstruction techniques